Magnetic Level Gauge

Som-Tek® is a smart magnetic level gauge of Sonic series level measuring products. It is simple in structure and smart in appearance, and it is capable to provide accurate, reliable and sustainable measurement of liquid level and interface.
Som-Tek® float applies design of 360° toroidal magnet. The indication components are fully sealed in the vacuumized glass tube, thus no regular maintenance is needed, which solves the common problems of glass tubes, such as vapour condensation and liquid leakage etc. Sonic is capable to provide one-piece application of transmitter and liquid level switch with “Söm-TekTM ”, which realizes the remote monitoring of liquid level signals.



■ Precision manufacturing, strong and durable 
■ Special structure and material design
■ High-definition liquid level indicator 
■ A variety of installation methods and process connection options

Typical Application

■ High temperature and high pressure applications 
■ Cryogenic/cryogenic application
■ Application of special materials
■ In-site + remote transmission integrated application

Product Model


Standard single cavity design
Accuracy: ±2.54mm
Measuring range: 0.3~12m
Process emperature: -196~400℃
Process pressure: vacuum ~15MPa



Technical double cavity design
Process temperature: -196~538℃
Process pressure: vacuum ~15MPa
Independent operation of mainand auxiliary cavities
Local indication and remote signal transmission



Technical large cavity design
Special structure and manufacturing process
Process temperature: -196~538℃
Process pressure: vacuum ~26MPa
Local indication and remote signal transmission



Technical single cavity design
Measuring range: 0.3~12m
Process temperature: -196~538℃
Process pressure: vacuum ~42MPa
Customized for harsh working conditions

Cryogenic type
Process temperature: -196℃
Process pressure: 26MPa

High temperature/pressure type
Process temperature: 538℃
Process pressure: 42MPa

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