Power and Energy

Power and Energy

ParaTech's customized process solutions in the power and energy industry can successfully overcome many challenges faced by the current industry. At present, the efficiency of coal power generation has always been the largest dependence in the country, and the market environment has created many uncertain factors, making coal power the main power generation force in the long run. The user must ensure that the cost of power generation is reasonable and controllable. We help you achieve the highest power plant production efficiency and maximum plant availability, effectively avoid unplanned downtime events, and monitor the inventory and the liquid level of each operating pipeline equipment in real time, so as to provide life for the plant. The soda circulation system and other important assets during the cycle are escorted to achieve both benefits and safety.


Overall effectiveness, increased productivity, usability.


From custom design and programming to technical support and live product demonstrations, we are totally committed to your project, and with our products, we’ll help guide your success. 

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