Valves Control System

SomTek® VCS(Valve Control System) - Tailor-made one-stop operation, positioning and monitoring solutions for each of your valves.



  • Valve drive assembly--integrate positioners, valve position feedback sensors, limit switches, solenoid valves, amplifiers, position valves, IP\PI converters...and filters, pressure regulating valves, etc. on SomTek® series pneumatic actuators, and complete unified commissioning
  • Valve monitoring system - deploy leakage, vibration, speed, temperature, pressure and other sensors on the valve and its accessories, combined with wireless industrial communication technology, collect the signal and send it to the background for the monitoring software to detect, analyze and diagnose the working characteristics of the valve and running status
  • Individual valve control solutions
  • One-stop service - from design to maintenance, you only need to face one company with one contact
  • Less on-site workload, faster installation and commissioning
  • Centralized VCS component documentation, unified technical training
  • Fast and professional technical support

SomTek® VCS provid a complete valve control system that is fully configured, designed, tested, documented and guaranteed at the factory. Once delivered, customers can use it immediately with confidence。

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